Wild One, 2019 is a single written, produced and performed by Anneliese McCarthy. 


     The music video for this song tonally draws from cult classic favorites like Lynch and Burton, while it is more thematically inspired by artists like Doug Aitken and Lana Del Rey involving themes of detachment, romanticizing the unattainable love interest and instilling an eerie and innocent depiction of isolation in ones feelings. While the sound of the track evokes vulnerability and tenderness, it has powerful undertones of strength and a willingness to be free or prove ones ownership of the heart.


     McCarthy often defies the definition of strength with her music as she leans on this dynamic of lyrics playing with sound --  this is what the Wild One music video is based around. The crew came together organically, starting from 3 contributors to finally 16. This video was a collaborative effort with friends who came together, all volunteer based, to contribute a certain skill, to create something fun and beautiful.

Music/Talent - Anneliese McCarthy @anneliese.mccarthy
Director/DP - Julia Sub @hair_pull
Technical Director - Max Avery Epstein @max_anarchy & assist - Isaac Epstein @isaacepstein29
Assistant Camera - Lucas Lopez @reallucaslopez
Assistant Art Director - Michelle Le Nguyen @michelle.le.nguyen
HMU - Carina Kahane @carindahouse
Custom Gloves - Sierra Rivers Hollister @cameo_goth_goods
Venue/set - The Baumann @baumannnyc
Photographers - Camelia Azar @camelia.azar & Tennessee Nunez @montanaco

Colorist - Chris Beardslee 
Press - Henry Ellison @hank_painter
Produced by Slow Burn NYC @slowburn_nyc