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Julia Sub and Michelle Le Nguyen work as a curatorial artist duo under the name Slow Burn NYC curating annual pop up art events each Fall to promote up and coming young artists in New York City.




Instagram: @slowburn_nyc | Facebook

     Slow Burn NYC is an initiative focused on bridging the gap between artists of every level looking to show work in a gallery setting without the typical constraints associated with traditional art institutions. Our goal is to bring together a network of determined individuals looking for an outlet to create and collaborate, and ultimately provide a space to share work in the form of annual group, pop up exhibitions. 


     We began doing these events as a way to show our own art after graduating college. We found it challenging to engage with opportunities to share work outside of the already competitive and established art world. The art industry is valid, strong and necessary but often maintains unreachable standards that stem from its traditional & institutional roots. These kinds of spaces don’t easily lend themselves to free creativity or collaboration to the public. We are determined to create an accessible space to work around an elitist mindset and encourage our community to create & show work as an act of play. We are not interested in turning the art world on its head but in putting its standards and selectivity under the microscope as we create more opportunities to view and connect with all kinds of artists, more and less established. Slow Burn art shows are community forward and collaborative in nature. We do not rely on sponsors or sales and work very hard to keep our events free and open to all.


     If you'd like to donate or get involved, please feel free to send us an email!

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