THE COME DOWN: Portraits & Sobering Truths

September 14th, 2019

The third installment of the annual Slow Burn pop-up group art exhibition —featuring a collection of individual and collaborative work that explores epiphanies, dark truths and realizations through deep introspection. 

Produced and Curated by:

Julia Sub & Michelle Le Nguyen


     Featuring forty up and coming local and international artists, each will contribute literal interpretations of introspection and observation in the form of epiphanies but also share works challenging conventional ideas associated with portraiture and truth. The body of work ranges from more traditional mediums to multidisciplinary installation, spanning topics of addiction, heritage and climate change. This exhibition will be an unveiling of vulnerable revelations of today's economic, environmental, consumer and cultural climate. 


Alexandre Edenne & Mathias Leonard | Amy Barr | Angel Davila | Annie Eodice | Brianna Morel | Camelia Azar | Cristina Villegas | Ellen Hanson | Gal Senderowitsch | Jackson Epstein | James Hsieh | Joe Leib | Jordan Jacobs | Katie Pellico | Lily Primamore | Lydia Nobles | Mariel Rolwing Montes | Martín Carrillo | Molly Hulnick | Matthew C Kramer | Nastya Valentine | Nico Augustine | Nicole Pollina | Olivia Peters | Ryan Albert | Ryan Morris | Sara Minsky | Sierra Rivers Hollister | Sophie Sumney-Koivisto | Stephon Senegal | Vanessa Holyoak | Ximena Preito | Xinyi Hu | Alyssa Friedman | Clio Sherman | Jana Gharzeddine | Kate Davis 


Left Bank, Seen x Event: Slow Burn NYC, 2019 →

High Street Disco, Interview: Slow Burn NYC, 2019 →