Part One

September 8th, 2018

The second installment of the annual Slow Burn pop-up group art exhibition series — featuring a collection of individual and collaborative work that explored the relationships between nature and technology.


Produced and Curated by:

Julia Sub & Michelle Le Nguyen


     This exhibition featured forty up and coming artists who each examined how the two themes easily lend themselves to one another, yet challenged how they can also stand alone, together or against each other. This body of work included interactive installations, sculptures, written works, photography, video projections, paintings, and illustrations.  

NATURE | TECHNOLOGY: Part One (2018)

Shot and Edited by Lucas Lopez

Addison Bale | Adam Kerlin | Amar Ibrahim | Andrew Straub | Ariana Boccanfuso | Benji Stein | Brittany Kleinschnitz | Bryant Crisos | Cali Kurlan | Daria Zhest | Eissa Saeed | Georgianna Richer | Haleigh Collins | James Hsieh | Jesse

Groom | Julia Sub | Julian Delacruz | Kate Davis (Knockout) | Madeleine Peters | Maren Johnson | Marc Burnett | Marissa Delano | Martín Carrillo | Max Epstein | Maya McCullough | Michelle Le Nguyen | Olivia Peters Raw Land | Saskia Fleishman | Shea Messinger | Sierra Rivers Hollister | Thi Hong Linh | Treehouse Lee | Tsuki D Sureiyaa | Vanessa Holyoak & Antoine Chesnais | Ximena Prieto | Yusuke Okada | Zaftig Yente (Emma Raine Maasch) | Zoe Schwartz