@jenniferbattaglia | Country: USA


Within my practice, I challenge current affairs by juxtaposing contemporary technology with obsolete house-hold items, such as rotary telephones and exhausted mid-20th century housewares, that captivate me with their familiarity, ease of routine, and kitsch aesthetic.


Flattening A Little Bit (2020), a short film inspired by the first phase of lockdowns issued in Texas as a result of the spreading COVID-19 virus, illustrates societies’ reaction of the pandemic on social media, in the news, on the radio, and constantly in our homes. The film features a figure pressing an outdated iron firmly against a stubborn piece of fabric that is similarly slopped up, like the graphs of increasing cases of the virus shown frequently in the news. Taken from public news sources, audio variations of the words, “Flatten the curve”, are brooded throughout, mirroring the call to address the spread by staying home and following proper cleaning and public protocols. Anxiety-inducing repetitive motions and sounds are subdued by the constant dual tones of orange and blues throughout the film.