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Youlmae Kim is originally from South Korea. After receiving her initial dance training at Sunhwa Art School, one of Korea's most famous art schools, she entered Kookmin University, with Korean traditional dance as her major. Since moving to NYC in 2014, she has trained in diverse dance styles, including Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Contemporary, and Jazz. She has worked for top choreographers such as Jonte Moaning, Neil Schwartz, Nico O'Connor, and Carlos Neto.

Her current dance credits include TTtheartist 'Dig', Michael Dion 'Hotline', Frankie Rose 'Sixteen Ways' Music Videos, and assistant choreographer for K-pop star 'Black Pink'. She also had an opportunity to perform as a featured artist for Restart Stage at Lincoln Center in 2021. Youlmae Kim has been a member of i KADA Contemporary Dance Company since December 2014 under the direction of Mee Jung and participating in the international dance festival called KoDaFe in NYC and Battery Dance Festival.

IG: @youlmaekim | Website:

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