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Irene Feleo (b.1989) is a Filipino Australian artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her art practice gravitates towards the seething and strange; working across the mediums of painting, writing, and digital media. Her work primarily takes form as bold and graphic paintings on canvas and paper, serving as a means for exploring the complex tapestry of symbols and iconography that pervade our cultural landscape.

As a Filipino-Australian artist based in the United States, she draws inspiration from the intersections of imagery across these worlds, integrating layers of meaning within her visual renderings. 

Inspired by traditional folklore, superstition, tarot, tattoo flash, emojis, and nature, Irene is captivated by the fluidity and meaning of these symbols as they're shared across various mediums of communication and storytelling. Irene’s Filipino heritage surrounded her in superstition from a young age, as themes of fortune, luck, good, and evil surface constantly in her work. In weaving together timeless symbols with a contemporary edge, Irene’s artwork reveals her own personal folklore, as well as celebrates the vibrant symbolism that shapes our visual world.

IG: @irenefeleo | Website:

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