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Bonnie Zhou is a multidisciplinary artist who examines the intersection of womanhood and diasporic Asian culture through neon glass, calligraphy, painting and dance. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY.

Born to a traditional Chinese family and having spent her 20s working in corporate tech, Bonnie explores what it means to live an authentic creative life built on top of a less authentic past of rule-following and society-pleasing. Through her art, she presents

the world she's always dreamed of — colourful, radical, bold — built on top of the world she's always lived in — one of longing, endurance, and sacrifice. Her work is intentionally eye-catching and aesthetic, while reflecting on themes like the meaning of home in an immigrant family, or grappling with sexuality and fetishization as a woman.

IG: @thebonniezhou | Website:

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