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Antifragile Zine is a youth artist collective and independent magazine run by all queer women of color and non-binary people of color. Founded in 2020 by Bay Area youth, Macey Keung and Miumi Shipon, Antifragile was born out of a pressing need for community and opportunity led by youth, for youth, especially dedicated to marginalized creatives who have felt unseen in mainstream media. At its core, Antifragile is grounded on the belief that by bringing  together youth, art, and community, we can catalyze radical change.

Macey Keung is a creator of many things. An artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer, entrepreneur and founder of Antifragile Zine, her work consistently explores radical vulnerability, femininity, and intersectionality. Driven by mission and community, Macey aims to disrupt the traditional narrative, shed light on the psychedelic renaissance, and ultimately serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and societal change.

IG: @antifragile.zine | Website:

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