October 15th - October 31, 2019

Daydream is an immersive installation that invites the audience to sit, touch, and experience a world of fantasy and play.


Featuring works by James Hsieh and Michelle Le Nguyen, Daydream is the first installment of an immersive installation mini series curated by Slow Burn NYC and in collaboration with TimeOut Market NYC. 


      Follow Me, 2017 are fabric ant sculptures made of felt, polyfill, velcro, and foam created by artist James Hsieh.

      Hsieh is a graduate of Parson Fine Art MFA program in New York. He explores various materials and media to further develop and diversify his art practice. Hsieh is best known for his soft sculptures made from vibrant color felt and poly-fill. His work transforms soft fabrics into solid sculptures with intriguingly unique appearances. Hsieh explores his dreams and memories that depict the complexities of the subconscious mind through a combination of color, textile, culture and symbolism. His works have been widely exhibited and are in the permanent collection at White Rabbit Gallery, one of the biggest contemporary art institutions in Australia.

      The Language of..., 2019 is a video installation that uses imagery and sound from various TV commercials, films, and vhs/found footage to communicate the thoughts and feelings of the condition and development of our world from each TV. Created by artist Michelle Le Nguyen.

      Nguyen is an experimental artist based in New York. She's always been fascinated by the things we miss as kids, from movies and books, that we later realize have deeper meaning in our adult lives. In her work, she

usually explores childhood memories and their dark truths, often repurposing materials reminiscent of youth and then manipulating the pre existing narrative to reveal underlying meanings. There is a dark, humorous approach and undertone in her work behind the futuristic tech / fantasy world she creates through her videos and installations.