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But Here.

March 22nd, 2021 - May 10th, 2021

250 Bowery, New York NY

A group exhibition that features individual and collaborative work exploring the theme of escapism and the vehicles used to achieve detachment, relief, and fantasy.


Curated by Julia Sub & Michelle Le Nguyen

Presented by The Canvas Bowery


     Anywhere But Here is a group exhibition curated by Slow Burn NYC, featuring artists of varying levels and experiences, both local and International. Including individual and collaborative work, each artist explores the theme of escapism and the vehicles used to achieve detachment, relief and fantasy, specifically through the lens of distancing from or transforming reality. With the uncertainty of life during Covid-19, there is a lack of daily consolation, creating a strong urge to escape. This group exhibition is one of many ways in which we can acknowledge our current cultural state and arguably, our unified societal coping mechanisms.


Alonso Cartú Angel Davila | Arthur Midianga | Audrey Densmore Blue J | Brian Bixby Brian Wenner & Matt O'Hare Carmen De Vos | Catherine Lentini | Cezar Mocan Charles Osawa Chelsea Ramirez Dave (The Dtore) Liberatore Dustin Chan Eamon Murphy Elisabeth Dubrovsky Emilie Decena Erin O’Flynn Eve Saint Jean Fann Xu Gu Haley Moore | Harold Lee | Hendrika ter Elst Izzy El Nems James Hsieh Jeannie Rhyu Jesse Egner Jordan Allen J.R MacKinnon & Josette Bonilla Julia Sub | Kerry Phelan | Lucas Lovejoy Mary Evangeline Guadalupe Rubi Mary “Murph" Lindberg Matthew Burbridge | Michelle Nguyen Natasha Timm Paulina Freifeld Rebecca Shapass Salma Olama Sammy Bennett Samuel Tejada Sara Minsky Sarah Ballard Shana Crawford Stella Stone Stoffel Beyens Vilma Clausen Watson Mere William Sanders Zehra Abedi Zoe Schwartz

featuring a special collaboration with

Amelia Paige Brooke Sonenreich | Sara Beck | Shulian Nell | Tennessee Nunez 

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