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White and Green examines the intersection of white masculinity and environmental education. By using discarded objects and paper I examine and critique a fraying world, overburdened by consumption. The awkward features and uncertain postures of the pale adolescents in the work depict the friction between western mindsets and nature. 


My creations reflect a broad, medium-less definition of “art.” As a producer and appreciator of visuals, literature, and music, my process gleans from other media to question the contours of a single form. This fusion approach lends my artwork a synaesthesia and musicality. Using a collagical approach to incorporate printmaking, painting, and text, I design a sense of narrative which viewers can read and interpret differently.


Found materials feature in my work to literally channel my surroundings. I source pictures  and objects, and wood for relief prints from dumpsters and streets. This habit began out of economic necessity, and I revel in the fact that these materials are free to all.


A range of textures and imagery nettle framed binaries, including the natural and human-made, presence and absence, personal and political, and gender. Through unexpected aesthetic juxtapositions, I both depict and critique our visually saturated world. By meshing printmaking methods, collage, drawing, and writing, I manipulate fixed elements to suggest individual and collective responses to the power structures which shape our daily lives. With emphasis on art as a mystical, transformative experience. I require it to be borderless, and adaptable to its surroundings and confines. I believe in art as an activity for all, as well as a means of articulation, unification, and understanding.

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