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I grew up on the mouth of the Manhattan Bridge, on the Brooklyn side, let that inform you. My mother is an ex Mormon from Southern California, my father is an east coast non practicing Jew, let me know if you can find the discipline. 


Visceral exists as a vehicle for narrative, therefore Grotesque serves as a vehicle for that which we covet 

Lush tongues and cheeks 

I intend for you to have a scalding bath. To capture the ungodly pain of your insides failing, visage remaining perennial.

If water represents the collective unconsciousness in dreams, and our blood is water, which fuels our brain, and our dreams, we should all be self aware/Sufficient enough to covet mice. And we still can’t figure it out. 

Perhaps unrelenting guttural pain gives way to empathy, it is the original brain. An ugly lab of altruism.

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