These images are part of a larger series of performance photographs that I am made in quarantine. During my quarantine, I explored my domestic and personal space like never before— transforming it into worlds, sets, and studio spaces. With fabrics and elements native to my homelands of Haiti and Syria, I transformed the domestic space into alternative realities that reflected the current state of my psychology, emotions, and hope for an uncertain future during the pandemic lockdown.


Steven Baboun is an artist from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and based in New York City. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts as well as a minor in Education Studies from American University and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a Master of Fine Arts in Photography. Baboun is a lens-based artist creating through photography, video, performance, and installation. His practice consists of creating in collaboration with and based off different marginalized or unrepresented communities in Haiti such as the queer community, the multicultural community (i.e. the Haitian-Syrian community), and the religious community (i.e. Haitian Vodou).