if dance is an excuse to practice being

if being is an excuse to practice being together

here is me practicing alone together


i cant tell you how it feels.

maybe i could stand next to you + Vibrate


a few years ago I was at a performance and the lady near me was trying to describe how she felt being t/here how for her it feels witnessing

as participation thinking as a physical action

frustrated she asked


as if vibrating her experience would could be the only way to accurately offer to another her state of being


that stuck with me and every time i think of how it feels to be t/here

that maybe instead of putting into words

or into movement

or into picture

or form

                                                            i could just stand next to you + vibrate

but for now I've decided to practice.


(whisper) Shana Crawford Operates Acts of Togetherness to Disrupt Assumptions of Creating Alone


(say)                 Entangled with bodies, Shana works across dance and performance as an artist, designer and production manager. She and her yellow glasses can be located this spring at the Chocolate Factory Theater, Center for Performance Research,  the Kitchen, and at LMCC’s River to River festival. Recent collaborations include  AUNTS, Audre Wirtanen/Hyp-ACCESS, Daria Fain, Jessie Young,  Juliana May,  Madeline Best, Stephanie Acosta, Tuce Yasak, and Yanan Yu, among others. She is currently a guest teaching artist with Young Dance’s 20-21 season with Patricia Mullaney-Loss and Aubrey Donisch.  Her visual work has been presented with Melanie Maar’s  line death dance newsletter and through the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Her recent video work, Object Landscape has been shared through Movement Research, Radiator Arts and LinoKino TV. She co-orchestrates the Sometimes Together group and is in a long term love affair with mathematics. Her work has been shared in NYC, MN,  VT, HA, PA, MA, Italy and Spain.  

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