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Throughout my exploration of the visual medium, whether it’s film or photography, I’ve used my work as a way to challenge traditional reactions towards the dark and obscure. Highlighting layers of beauty that exist within things perceived to be horrifying, I have always fixated on the bleak. My most recent work, Death Romantic, suggests a deeper relationship between the thin line that separates despair and euphoria; fear and embrace; passion and agony. 


Focusing on films that explore polarizing characters, along with the drama that follows them, the intricacies of the human condition, for me, have become a recurring obsession. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it may be said that a burden is on the shoulders of the bearer. 


Lucas Lopez is a Puerto Rican filmmaker, musician & artist working in New York City. As a Director & Cinematographer, his narrative short, narrative feature and commercial work, has been selected for various festivals throughout the US.


Lucas explores the lesser traversed pockets of popularized genres, finding allure in the unorthodox. Through the medium of film and photography, he aims to create sentimental connections with viewers using common life challenges.

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