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This piece is composed of video sequences shot on my VHS camera during a road opening ritual. The work explores my use of spirituality as a guide through hard-to-process emotions. As the chaos of summer winded down, I felt a deep need to redirect myself and let go of the sadness I waded through in the seasons prior. I had been grieving the loss of a long term relationship, a friend from the physical realm, and ideas of myself that no longer served me. Going through these experiences has driven me to many ugly thoughts. Mostly involving shame and anger directed toward the parts of myself I do not like. As I felt these emotions build up in my body, I called upon my ancestors, my guides, and the universe to lead me down a new path. To reveal to me opportunities to deepen my understanding of self and the experiences I want to conjure I thinned the veil to a reality where I use ugly as a medium and not a critique. Emotions are often messy and unintelligible but necessary to feel through. Distorting my image as I performed this ritual acts as a mirror to the emotions I am working through at this present time. This piece is a spell as much as it is an artwork.

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