Growing up at my grandparent’s farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan, I had a tremendous curiosity and wonder while exploring nature. Throughout my life, I’ve always been fascinated by how big the world is, and the belief that there is an innite unknown, waiting to be discovered. As a natural response, I began to draw the parts of the word I had only seen in my imagination. Thus, these images imprinted on my sub-consciousness and further developed into bizarre dreams that

opened a gate of wonder.


In my current art practice, I produce two-dimensional work, that ultimately become large-scale installations by transforming soft felt and fabric into solid sculptures. The imagery I’ve been drawing from an early age is concretized in my sculptures, which evolve into an immersive environment. Thus, my practice becomes more visceral and compelling than before. I often play with scale to activate the perspectives of both adults and kids. I want to bring my dream world

into the reality and let others see the world I have seen.