In the series, Ambiguities explore the ideas of inner emotion. Indeed, instead of a firm testimony, it's a better representation blueprint of my ideology. Appearances shift  fragments under environmental and social pressures; it examines through different  mirrors that reflect and distort emotional recognition. The picture crystalizes different  perspectives. Address the viewers to see within and outside of themselves through the  environments, surfaces, and objects that I portray. It presents a way of looking outward  toward myself from images and the real world, conscious of reaching the space in  depths.

I perceive my body image through many surfaces appearing in the mirror, in mind, and  through hallucinations and dreams. As shimmering phenomena become clarified, it  examines myself through different mirrors that reflect and distort emotional recognition.  The finale of chaos in blurriness and anomaly elements display in the way of creating  layers of confusion and paradoxical image. I magnified the details and information to  make them more present and make it an alternative to reality.  


Harold Lee is a visual artist and photographer based in Taipei and New York City. He  was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio arts at  University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Photography  at Parsons School of Design. His work involves printmaking, photography, and  experimental media. Lee’s work primarily deals with people, perceptions, and inner  emotions. His work had been exhibited internationally, Being Bare at Arnold and Sheila  Aronson Galleries, New York; UWL Alumni Invitational at La Crosse, WI; SANKYU  BASHI st. International Photo Flag Exhibition at Osaka, Japan; Photovill at Brooklyn,  NY; Incheon International Marine Festival of Photography and Video at Incheon, South  Korea; Pingyao International Photography Festival at Shanxi, China; and “It’s Sausage  To Me” at University Gallery, La Crosse, WI. His work has a nominee by Fine Art  Photography Award in category abstract, 2019.