My photographs challenge traditional dichotomies, dissolving distinctions between the natural/man made, decayed/developed, and virtual/physical in our environment. I aim to break down these differences through the image’s content and, often, the image’s collapsing of space itself. In this series, Agape, the work aims to help viewers escape a mental space of doom by reminding them of their interconnectedness with the natural world. Each image challenges traditional dichotomies between humans/nature through their content and composition. Leaves that obscure the Statue of Liberty, suggest a letting go of an old vision of societal structure for a new one. A graveyard being subsumed by a forest, reminds the viewer that there is growth that comes from loss. This series shows a transformation of perspective and the freedom found in acknowledging the interconnectedness of humans and nature. It is a reminder of the larger world and temporality, wherein change, growth and hope exist.