"In the leaves" evokes the eternal path we take to grow emotionally as people constantly reaching for our best selves. The hands longing to the sky represent that beautiful energy in us that brings growth, and with it self awareness. On this path we find love and happiness but also pain and sorrow. I celebrate this aspiration for self development in the face of risk. The reward of this journey is the true life, creation.


"At the beginning was me"  centers on the void one carries while being lost and not knowing where to start. The sand stands for the ground base which is also us. Very often people struggle with their self worth and self confidence because they do not feel the base, the grounding. Once one relies on himself, he builds a foundation to move on and grow. At some point it is important to detach from the materialistic world to find your inner self, as we carry all the answers.


In this series I am exploring detachment from the outside world whether it's running away from a city to nature or finding some grounding in silence and nothingness. Anywhere we go we take ourselves. The photographs center the importance of our emotional world in this materialistic bubble. While it has an impact on the inside, our inner self will always reflect on the outside like a mirror.