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Rena Li is a multidisciplinary designer who pulls inspiration from food, nature, and fleeting obsessions.

In 2021, she started Lotus Haus Studio, a jewelry and apparel brand that embodies what it means to follow our curiosities with fervor: uninhibited and playful.

LHS began as a journey of self discovery of her two dormant worlds: design and her Chinese heritage.

It has always been a sandbox for the things she’s always wanted to try despite having no previous experience: branding, web design, jewelry design, manufacturing, and apparel design. Slowly, LHS became more than a brand; it’s now Rena’s creative playground and a bridge to a newfound community.

Apart from LHS, Rena loves investigating and solving problems with design - whether it be UX digital solutions or physical products! It may sound nerdy, but she loves the design process. When she isn't doing that, she loves finding ways to combine food & art and dreams of making a culinary art installation one day.

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