A painting creating an interactive dialog between itself and the viewer. When someone approaches it, it picks up motion and responds with a 'painterly' gesture, breaking its way through space of the 2D world and filling in the other dimension. The piece sarcastically questions values of the familiar space in which classic paintings are framed, as well as their “natural” state of being — frozen in time. The painting breaks free from its considerable space, to become closer to us, and to make us closer to another world, where every movement is imprinted and prolonged until its destruction. The philosophy behind a brush stroke is constantly reminded through the idea of a line; a geometric line is an invisible object. It is the trace of a moving point, that is, its product. It arose from the movement - namely, through the destruction of the self-contained resting point. This is where a jump from static to dynamics happens. The viewers are no longer only the receivers of information, they also give the painting their movement, and this time the painting is no longer in frozen self-indulgent or a suspended state, it is self-aware and is able to jump from the constructed environment it was placed in. 


Caution: not paying attention to what the installation is communicating upon can lead to a slippery situation and/or stained clothing.

In Digital Oracle, the image featuring google results with «the future» in the search tab revealed for me what most people expect from the future, and breaking down the imagery of the search results reveals people's emotional expectations reflected in the color pallet, as well as some identifiable portions of the found images. The piece was cascadely torn with a simple image processing algorithm, visually describing waves and thought process of future existence. The keywords for the image search are based on the filename, the link text pointing to the image, and text adjacent to the image, and the opinion of others about what the future holds. We can see what is most expected of humans - hope. It is reflected through the color-scheme of what initially was a grid. The rupture and fragmentation reflects the process of imagination running from one bit to another to create a full picture, revealing most of the image. Still, it has some concealed parts. This process allows to fully sense hope through archetypal color choice of what google thinks humans want to see: green and blue chunks of distorted pictures overflow the scroll almost until the cut edge of the paper. Interestingly, closer to the end of it colors lose their intensity and blank spots tend to prevail more and more, as if it was left undecided.



In my work I focus on new media and technology along with core concepts that lay behind the process of reproduction and digitally. I create complex multi-dimensional works on the computer using CGI software, programming software and video, an Open-source electronic prototyping platform Arduino, interactive installation, motion graphics, and particle systems that I then output to the analogue world in different forms. The body of work is developed from sketch with use of prototypes that lead to a final result. Each concept of the piece is project-specific, but the overall theme stands in between existence and technology along with core concepts that fall behind the process of reproduction and the digital.