Utilizing chopped and manipulated audio, computer graphics, and video, ‘Separator’ is a 42-minute piece broken down into fifteen continuous movements of audio-visual interplay. The artists’ intention is to realize a fragmented environment that moves between moments of extreme dissonance and harmony. ‘Separator’ heavily utilizes internet-ripped video and audio content and is inspired by cyber-punk aesthetics.


The visual content of ‘Separator’ is best understood as a series of algorithmically-generated living collages that utilize a variety of found materials including architectural simulations, video game screen-captures, animations of surgical procedures, and hundreds of elements taken from internet advertisements. The result is a digital hallucination that rapidly oscillates between the beautiful and alienating, and is reminiscent of the literature of Philip K. Dick, the films of Godfrey Reggio, and the euthanasia sequence at the end of Soylent Green.


The audio content of ‘Separator’ is the result of composing and editing hundreds of short sound samples into sequences, and then layering and arranging these sequences into fifteen musical movements. This sound collage approach closely aligns with the Musique Concrète school of thought, and the idea that organized sound may be considered music. Field recordings, sound FX library sounds, internet-ripped audio content, and processed synthesizer tones make up a vast majority of the audio content of ‘Separator.’


Visual Content by Matt O’Hare

Sound Composition by Brian Wenner